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June 4th, 2011 June 4, 2011

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Letter from Bali – XXI – The End (part one)

A considerate website recently sent me an e-mail reminding me  I fly out in fifteen days time.  We’re leaving Bali, likely never to return, as if I was going to forget it.  Yesterday I took our passports in to obtain our exit visas (Casablanca anyone?), for which the government charges $20 and for which I pay $250 more in ‘administrative fluidity’ – optional insurance.  Whoever manufactures those little brown envelopes is a happy man, I tell you.  If you’ve read any of the letters up till now, you won’t even bat an eyelid at this nonsense; pay and smile and nod your head and go about your business.  School is finished in less than two weeks, our year here is nearly over.

"This coat's too warm for the both of us!" - "Sure it is, blue eyes, you could take it off but it's pissing rain back in Vancouver."