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April 24th, 2011 April 24, 2011

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Letter from Bali – XIX

A few auspicious dates to share with you, reader.  It has been two months now since the visitors first arrived so we’ll talk a bit about guests.  It has been almost two weeks since the book was completed – finishedThe End – can you believe it? – so we’ll talk about that.  It has been two days since Earth Day, so we’ll give a renewable mention in that direction and, finally, today is Easter Sunday, when Christians everywhere celebrate the torture and execution of their Lord and Saviour and subsequent resurrection with the giving and devouring of…. chocolate rabbits.  Not to be outdone in religious zeal or mystical association the Hindu Balinese are happy to jump on that bandwagon.  Since chocolate doesn’t do too well at 27 degrees, would a dyed and painted baby chicken do instead, Mister?

Easter Eggs - Bali Style

“Good price for Jesus!…”

“I’ll take three, thank you, my good man.  What colours would you like, boys?”  <crunch, crunch, crunch>  “Mmmmmm.  Delicious!”
This is the 19th edition of the Letter from Bali, the one where YOU get to name the book.  Read on.



April 18th, 2011 April 18, 2011

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Letter from Bali – XVIII

For the first six months here we couldn’t buy a visitor.  Not a friend or relative to be found.  Things changed dramatically just over a month ago, we now operate a rotating door.  If the staff are worn out by it, give a consideration to us.  Guests are an amusement in their own right and they offer you the opportunity to re-assess the place through fresh eyes – innocent eyes.  “You might want sunscreen if you’re going in the water,” says the voice of reason… the host.  “No no its only for a short while and its cloudy and I’m swimming after all.”  O…K….  Pale white person, fresh from Canada, and never owned a swim suit before…

"Welcome to the tropics, white mama. Please enjoy the remainder of your stay!"

Visitors are cute and funny, they like to do the oddest things… like writing on your blog!  So without further adieu, please sit back and enjoy the jet lagged ramblings of another jocko who showed up recently with a suitcase and a grin…


April 3rd, 2011 April 4, 2011

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Letter from Bali – XVII

I’ve just gone through a period, actually I’m not entirely sure whether it is finished yet, when new things happen.  Strange things.  You know how it goes… you spend months (years?) with the same old, same old, washing back and forward over you like you’ve been staked out in the surf and then… wham!… all new and weird.

These last few weeks have been full of firsts, and so is this instalment of Letter from Bali.


Boolay on his first Vespa