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November 27th, 2010 November 27, 2010

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Letter from Bali – VIII

This is the democracy edition.  Some 84% wanted the dirt on the toilet issue so we’ll go there, well maybe.  We’ve also got a kitten problem which you can help to resolve.  So read on…


If anyone is called Ketut please raise their hand now.



November 14th, 2010 November 15, 2010

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Letter from Bali – VII

It’s always nice to get visitors.  Barry Soetoro dropped in to say ‘hi’ this week.  That was nice.  And just like the prodigal son’s fleeting visit, this letter is going to be a short one.  We are not going to talk  much about Barry though, we’ll just wish him well after the midterms and move on.

Electricity (or the lack thereof) and the price of everything is on the agenda.  And maybe toilets.  Nah, not toilets – did you vote?


Barry's back in town



November 2nd, 2010 November 3, 2010

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Letter from Bali – VI

Our king was cremated today… he’s been dead for over two months so I figure his story can wait another minute until we first give a plug to young Ben’s movie!

If you checked out letter IV you’ll know we went to Borneo – This is what you end up with when you are stuck on a boat for three days and someone brought a movie camera.  I’m too cheap to pay for streaming video but click here to get the goods!  Got the popcorn ready?  It’s showtime!

Now back to our dead king.

Dead kings go here



November 1st, 2010 November 1, 2010

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Letter from Bali – V

We’re all sitting around here waiting for a king to die.  Actually the king in question is already dead, and wrapped, and hopefully put on ice too; but he isn’t quite finished yet.  Our king, late of Peliatan-Ubud, kicked the royal bucket a couple of weeks back and tomorrow he is getting the biggest and best and most expensive cremation in living memory.  Living memory!  And Bali loves a good cremation.  So while we wait for the family event of the century to unfold, why don’t we catch up on recent comings and goings along the ring of fire?

Not in Bali (yet)